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Covid-19 Update

Stage 4 of the COVID-19 lockdown is now in effect, and with it comes changes to the way we need to operate. In order to continue to support the many people who depend on our services, we are adopting COVID-safe practices in compliance with state regulations, meaning we’ll be changing some things up.

Rest assured that we are still able to operate under these regulations. We will still be able to do servicing and repairs, and handling of online orders. However, customers will not be able to enter the store, test ride our bicycles or browse our stock in person. During the stage 4 lockdown period, we will be closed on Saturdays. We will be operating under the modified opening hours of 9am to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays only.

If you want to organise servicing, repairs, have any inquiries whatsoever, feel free to give us a ring on 1300 681 112 during our opening hours.

Servicing and Repairs

We will still be performing essential servicing and repairs, even though we will be doing so behind locked doors. We have set up contactless exchange at our Seaford outlet for people who can pick up or drop off their bicycles and such, but otherwise we can also organise contactless collection and delivery. Additionally, shipping and freight will be an option.

Online Orders

We will also continue to process online orders. For those who will have goods shipped, there will be no changes. Otherwise, we have organised contactless Click & Collect for online orders, which you will be able select upon checkout.

Finally, all of us at Chituma Australia send you our best wishes, and we thank you for your support and understanding in these trying times. We look forward to serving you all in person again in a few months.

Electric Bikes in Melbourne

We’re glad you’ve decided to stop by and check out our range of electric bikes. Our many happy customers find that their new electric bike or electric scooter allows them to go places and visit people they have been previously unable to.

Remember, you don’t need a licence, you don’t need to pay for registration and insurance and you don’t need to be an athlete to get around with our electric bikes!

The electric bikes simply plug into any standard electric wall plug and recharge themselves while you sleep. A full charge is plenty to get you to the shops, to bowling, to visit a friend and back home again, all without breaking a sweat and paying expensive petrol or taxi costs!

electric bikes spare parts

Motorised Bike Parts and Electric Bicycle Accessories

It doesn’t stop there. Chituma Australia aims to help those who cannot or choose not to drive so besides electric scooters, bikes and tricycles, we also provide:

  • A range of bicycle trailers and spare parts.
  • Electric bike conversion kits to transform your existing bicycle.
  • A ‘Not so standard’ range of pedal bicycles and tricycles.
  • A wide selection of motorised bike parts and full servicing and repair services offered to keep our happy clients mobile for longer!
  • A range of pet products to keep your four legged companion comfortable.

We welcome you to browse through our range of cycles and parts and conveniently purchase online or visit our Seaford shop which is also open Saturdays so that it is accessible to all.