(Silver) Throttle Handle with Switch and LED Display for Electric Bicycle and Electric Scooter


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A throttle handle / twist grip with LED voltage display screen and 3-way switch. Universal voltage from 12V to 72V.

A throttle handle / twist grip with LED voltage display screen and 3-way switch. Suitable for 12V to 72V electric bicycles and scooters. The 3-way switch can typically be used for speed control (i.e. Low, Med, High) if supported by controller.

– Has a digital data display that can accurately judge battery level at rest, indicating from 0V to 100V

– Universal throttle, fit for 12-84V electric bikes, scooters, tricycles, and other electric vehicles.


Specifications and Main Components:

Material: Aluminium Alloy + Rubber

Color: Silver

Type: Throttle with digital display and 3-way switch (high, middle or low speed – adjusts the speed of electric vehicle, need controller to support)

Wire Length: approx. 2m / 78.7″

Working Voltage: Throttle DC1-4.2V, battery level indicator, 12-84v automatically identitify

Compatible With: Suitable for 12V-99V Electric Bicycle

Fitment: Fit for 22.2mm diameter handle

Wiring:  7 wires: power positive, throttle positive + 5V, throttle signal, throttle negative, switch high, switch middle (shared line), switch low

Comes with: Right-side throttle and matching left-side grip

How to Judge Battery Level using the Voltage Indicator:

Different battery materials, age of battery, and different controller data can cause battery voltages to vary slightly. Please check your battery voltage data according to your battery. Maximum voltage indicates full charge. Low voltage indicates that the battery is exhausted.

12V e-bike: max voltage 12V, min voltage 9V
24V e-bike: max voltage 29V, min voltage 21V
36V e-bike: max voltage 42V, min voltage 32V
48V e-bike: max voltage 54V, min voltage 42V
60V e-bike: max voltage 72V, min voltage 52V
72V e-bike: max voltage 84V, min voltage 60V

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Dimensions 14 × 20 × 7 cm