Tianneng sealed lead acid batteries are made specifically for electric bicycles & electric scooters to  the PRC standard GB/T22199-2008

BATTERY CHARACTERISTICS This battery is a lean liquid valve sealed type and can be maintained for restoring stored energy charge.The small  amount of gas produced during recharging is oxidized inside the battery.No acid fog can be seen under normal conditions and only a tiny amount of gas is lost . The battery features a large storage capacity , less self discharging , high specific energy  , long performance life with a  safe and reliable operation making it the premier electric bicycle or electric scooter battery.

INSTALLATION INTO ELECTRIC BICYCLE etc If the battery has been in storage for over 1 month in order to compensate for any energy loss charge the batteries using the e-bike charger for 4 to 5 hrs after the charger light has turned green

BATTERY DISCHARGING When the electric scooter or bicycle is started the battery begins discharging  . The battery must not be over discharged, the under voltage protection of each 12 volt battery is 10.5 volts  .  36volt controllers are set at 31.5 volts and 48 volt controllers at 42 volts .

BATTERY CHARGING SLA BATTERIESFor maximum battery life it is recommended that the battery is recharge when 70% of stored energy is discharged or the total continued milage exceeds 70% of the battery stored energy allowance . only the charger supplied with the electric bicycle or scooter should be used . the smart charger used will charge in 3 stages. The first stage is a constant current  of 1.8A , the second stage is a constant voltage charge of 14.8volts per 12 volt battery ,the third and final stage is a trickle charge stage of a constant 13.8 volt per 12volt battery


  1. 1.      It is recommended that the battery be charged daily after use                                                  ( ie ride it today ,charge it tonight ,turn it off tomorrow morning)
  2. 2.      Only use the approved charger supplied with electric bicycle or electric scooter
  3. 3.      Make sure the charger is turned off at power point before connecting or disconnecting
  4. 4.      When charging the battery status lamp should be red ,changing to green when charged
  5. 5.      When the E-bike is not in use the battery should be kept fully charged.and be charge at least once a month to prevent the pole plates from becoming sulphated causing  premature failure
  6. 6.      The battery must be adequately  ventilated not placed in a sealed container,must not be subjected to naked flame , water,fire or exposed to direct sunlight.
  7. 7.      If battery casing is cracked , damaged or leaking it must be safely disposed of and replaced .
  8. 8.      The electrolyte is acidic and if splashed on skin must be wash immediately in clean water.
  9. 9.      The battery shall be charged at an ambient temperature of 10 – 30 degrees or damage to battery can occur resuling in sulphating or thermal runaway causing battery to expand rendering it unserviceable

10.  Do not short circuit.

11.  Do not open except bu professional maintenance personnel