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The Mi 365 scooter has advanced technology, high-quality materials and innovation combined to deliver a smooth riding experience.

The Mi 365 scooter has advanced technology, high-quality materials and innovation combined to deliver a smooth riding experience.


• Sleek and elegant, portable and safe. Minimalist stylish design with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy main body. Takes only 3 seconds to fold and go – and just 12.5 kg in weight.

•Sophisticated cruise control and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), which recovers the scooter’s kinetic energy under braking for even longer battery life. The cruise control system helps maintain a steady speed set by the rider to relieve throttle-induced pressure and tension.

• High quality batteries provide a riding distance of up to 30km.

• 30 x 18650 Ii-ion cells provide a capacity of 280Wh. Smart battery management system (BMS) ensures long life and reliability

• Dual braking system with disc braking at the rear wheel and E-ABS system at the front wheel.

• Skid-resistant and shock-absorbing pneumatic 8.5″ tires effectively absorb shocks and prevent slipping. The 250W (500W max) brushless DC motor powers the scooter to ride with ease and comfort.

• Connects to Mi Home App via Bluetooth with your phone. Allows to check system status and customise ride features, such as level of E-ABS breaking for regeneration of power.

Takes no more than a minute to learn, it is that easy.


  1. Press the power button to turn on the scooter;
  2. Step on the deck with one foot, the other on the ground stabilising the scooter, and slowly kick off with the foot on the ground;
  3. Put both feet on the deck when the scooter starts to ride, and press the accelerator; (the accelerator starts only when the riding speed exceeds 5km/h)
  4. Hold down the left brake lever to bring the scooter to a complete halt.


Max. Speed: 25 km/h

Max distance* : 30 km

Total Weight : 12.5 kg

Dimensions : 108cm x 43cm x 114cm

Max climbing angle: 14%

* Variation may occur due to rider’s weight, environment temperature and road condition.


WHAT THE REVIEWS SAY – 3rd April 2019 – 4.5/5

“As we mentioned we were very impressed with the speed and stability of the scooter, but we also liked how easy it was to put together and get going.”

“Everyone who tried this scooter wanted to take it home with them.”

“There’s very little about the design that we can fault.”

“Large 8.5in inflatable tyres mean the Xiaomi Electric Scooter can handle some offroading… More importantly, it feels very stable in use, and you quickly get used to cornering and getting up to speed.”

“A high-capacity (280Wh) battery means it’s unlikely to run out of juice mid-play or halfway to your destination.”


Electrek – May 2018

“The 8.5-inch air-filled tires were great at absorbing small bumps in the road and were even decent when riding over brick and boardwalks.”

“The front direct drive hub motor is listed as 250 W, but it feels like more power than that.”

“The aluminum frame feels very sturdy, the locking mechanism doesn’t move, bend, creak or otherwise worry me. The throttle, wheels, brakes, lights, and everything else just feels really well-built and nicely integrated. Basically, it doesn’t seem like a kick-scooter with an added motor, it feels like a well-built purpose made electric scooter.”

“I found the M365 electric scooter was quite nice to ride, with the turning feeling both natural and responsive. For anyone who has ever ridden a bike, the basic operation is fairly similar and intuitive. My wife has never ridden a scooter before and it took her all of 10 seconds to become comfortable on it.”

“I didn’t expect to have so much fun on this scooter, but it is really a blast to ride.”


Transportation Evolved – 9/10

“The Mi Electric Scooter is impressive. Clocking in at a 15.5 mph (25 km/h) top speed, with and an impressive 18 mile range, you would be hard pressed to find a better performing electric scooter at this price range.”

“It’s apparent as soon as you unbox the Mi scooter that the engineering team at Xiaomi have a finely tuned eye for detail and practicality.”

“The Mi electric scooter handled great under a range of different circumstances.”

“Xiaomi absolutely nailed it with their Mi Electric Scooter. All of the bells and whistles you would expect from a truly high-end purchase delivered in a sleek and affordable package.”


Electric Scooter Guide – 2nd February 2019

“… legendary electric scooter.”

“The Mi M365 was the most popular electric scooter among owners in the 2018 ElectricScooter Survey.”

“Overall, the Mi M365 is one of the most elegant and well-designed scooters available on the market today. Its frame has beautiful welds, simple controls, and a sturdy non-slip deck.”

“The cockpit is clean and well designed.”

“The Xiaomi Mi M365 is about as portable and light as scooters get.”

“Overall, the Xiaomi Mi M365 is a solid scooter and great value… You can’t go wrong with the Mi M365.”


Zdnet – 30th April 2019

“The alumimum material appears to be of high quality with very good welds connecting the stand pole to the standing platform and other parts of the frame.”

“I enjoyed my time with the Mi Electric Scooter and I am considering it as a regular form of commuting on a daily basis.”

“The electric scooter proved to be faster and more fun than walking, easier to transport on the train than a bike, and allowed me to wear work clothes without having to shower at the end of each four-mile leg.”





Weight20 kg
Dimensions115 × 20 × 52 cm


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